Student Testimonials

Fiona was my course tutor for my cert-TESOL in 2017. She was always approachable, and her teaching enabled me to excel in each area she instructed me in. She decoded grammar and technical jargon for me so that it was second nature – I ended up getting 93% for the grammar exam! She even taught us Irish as part of our unknown foreign language unit, and it was one of my favourite parts of the course because I had so much fun.

The best part about being taught by Fiona is that you leave each session empowered. I felt like she helped me identify, and continue improving, my natural strengths, while helping me overcome weaknesses- and framing them so I could recognise similar mistakes in my students. She always gave me practical advice to apply to the next assessment. I felt I truly learned from my errors with her! Fiona bolstered my teaching confidence and abilities, and she taught me how to teach without sacrificing my personality or personal approach. Her advice was invaluable, and enabled me to walk confidently into my first ESL job. The proof is in the pudding – I got a raise after one month of working there!
Nicole Rochat, South Africa

I really enjoyed having Fiona as a teacher. She gives clear and honest feedback and I always felt I could ask her questions whenever I wanted to. Fiona is friendly and relatable, and understands the needs of her students. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.
Sophie Murphy, United Kingdom

In my experience, Fiona is a professional and knowledgeable tutor who is passionate about supporting teachers and students. Fiona encouraged me during my teaching practices and created an inspiring and supportive environment in which to learn. When I was a new TEFL teacher, Fiona helped me to understand key terminology, concepts and strategies that were fundamental in my first year of teaching English. Her delivery approach is engaging and she provides interesting, activity and discussion based presentations. She is a sensitive and approachable tutor.
Daisie Moore, United Kingdom