English Camps

When you attend a holiday program at the GET Academy you will have fun, make new friends and learn English. During our GET Academy Project Weeks we create an immersive language environment, in which students are provided the platform to learn English in a fun, engaging and motivating way.

GET up - GET active

Whether at school, or at home, most children don’t exercise enough which is why sport is so important in their physical and academic development. By playing and having fun, the brain records and is able to hold new information, like a second language, much more effectively. Our summer camps offer children, and teenagers, the opportunity to get active and improve their English skills while having a whole lot of fun.

Play Games & Learn English

The rapid rate of globalization is connecting the world and the common language that unites nations and people is English. This is why it is vital children develop good English language skills as being confident in the language will open many doors, at home and abroad, and is particularly important for career development.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father, inventor, scientist & politician

Get active with English

At our holiday program you are introduced to cultural and sporting traditions from different English speaking countries. All our coaches are native English speakers!

Power for Body & Brain

English Project Week

Are you interested in having a GET Academy Project Week in your home town? Our English Projects not only teach but they inspire our students into the realisation that English is not just another subject in school, English is a key to exploring the world around them!

Summer Sports Days

At our summer sports camps you are introduced to cultural and sporting traditions from different English speaking countries.
All our coaches are native English speakers and adept on the sports field.

Holiday Program

For working parents, holiday programs are really essential. The GET Academy provides unforgettable experiences so parents can continue to work knowing their children are safe, inspired and getting new experiences while they study english!

Power for Body & Brain

Our mission and motivation

Our aim is to instill a love of getting active by playing sport, curiosity in learning about new cultures, a robust interest in the English language and the skills and confidence to speak it well. The GET Academy is an Austrian company with campuses in Vorchdorf (Upper Austria), Vienna and Graz. Our three day long Summer Sports Days/ or Camps are organized from these three locations.

Games - Sports - Language

We teach and supervise more than 14.000 pupils per year. With our Summer Sports Days we want to increase our offers during holidays for children between the age of 6 and 16 - with the help of games, sports and language.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us either via phone +43 7614 21499 (Mon-Fri 07:30-16:00) or hello@get-academy.com

In case of rain the camp takes place indoors.

Upcoming Camps

Join us!
  • Alkoven English-Week / Osterferien 5 Days 29.03.–02.04. € 150 info
  • Zwentendorf an der Donau / English-Summer-Week 5 Days 19.07.–23.07. € 165 info
  • Gmunden / English-Summer-Week 5 Days 19.07.–23.07. € 165
  • Globasnitz / English-Summer-Week 5 Days 26.07.–30.07. € 165 info
  • Mittersill / English-Summer-Week 5 Days 09.08.–13.08. € 165 info
  • Ober-Grafendorf / English-Summer-Week 5 Days 09.08.–13.08. € 165 info
  • Ernstbrunn / English-Summer-Week 5 Days 09.08.–13.08. € 165 info
  • Perchtoldsdorf / English-Summer-Week 5 Days 23.08.–27.08. € 165 info
  • Vorchdorf / English-Summer-Week 5 Days 23.08.–27.08. € 165 info
  • Kronstorf / English-Summer-Week 5 Days 30.08.–03.09. € 165 info

Meet our Team

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Nice to
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“Hey from rainy England”


“Hi from Northern Ireland! What’s the craic?”


“Hello from the west coast of Ireland!”

Safety First!

We do everything we can to ensure that the camps are as safe as possible, and that safety awareness plays a large part in training.

Accordion to a recent survey, replacing words with the names of musical instruments in a sentence, often goes undetected.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Famous Composer

Learn with Native Speakers

  • For all levels
  • Create memories
  • Boost confidence
  • Be creative
  • Free to express yourself
  • Cultural exchange
  • Team Building