Hitchhiker’s Guide to Austria – food diary!

Palatschinke – let them eat pancakes!

Each country has a different version of them – in France you have crepes – thin pancakes stuffed with nutella or galettes – savoury pancakes filled with ham and yummy French cheese!

In America they love eating thick, buttermilk pancakes slathered in syrup with a large side of bacon.

In the UK they often eat them topped with lemon juice and sugar.

In Austria, however, they come in lots of different forms – some might say we have a little bit of an obsession with them…– the famous Palatschinke.

Palatschinke go all the way back when the Austro-Hungarian Empire was still a thing, and today can be found in countries like Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. But what exactly are they I hear you ask…

Although Palatschinke can best be compared with pancakes they are much more versatile. Most of the time, you’ll get them as a sweet dessert – you have your Marillenpalatschinken (thin, rolled and filled with apricot jam), Eispalatschinken (thin, and filled with ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce) and the famous Kaiserschmarrn or “Emperor’s Mess” (shredded pancake with raisins, sugar and applesauce.). Sometimes they are also eaten with savoury fillings like cheese, meat or mushrooms or sliced into thin strips (Fritatten) and served in beef broth.

Lots of options to try during your next Austrian visit! Which will you try?

11 April 2019