Hitchhiker’s Guide to Austria – Meet Fabian

1. What 3 things should we know about you?

I like to travel the world, I know tons of useless facts (The fear of long words is called Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia) and I am a board game enthusiast.

2. How did you end up working for the GET Academy? Did you ever imagine working with a team of Native Speakers every day?

I studied English and History to become a teacher. My interest in English started when we had a language assistant from Idaho during secondary school! I was looking for something different as I wasn’t teaching right now and I found the GET Academy! I love the fact that I have to speak English with my coworkers, and as a teacher I find it interesting to get to know all the different teaching methods necessary for our Trinity CertTESOL qualification.

3. What does your day with GET usually look like?

I’d say that I’m a Jack of all trades! My day usually starts with a large cup of black coffee. Then I have interviews with potential students for our TEFL course or job applications for our Summer Sports program. I also get to be creative and come up with different blog entries on Austrian culture, food or funny words.

4. What attracted you to the GET Academy?

What attracted me most was the fact that I would be in contact with people from all over the English-speaking world and that I can improve my own teaching by focusing on our student-centered activities in classrooms.

5. What is the best thing that happened this year?

It’s quite early in the year, but I have to say, becoming part of the GET Academy admissions team was great – I get to talk to people from all around the world.

6. How do you relax?

Lots of ways – ranging from sipping an ice-cold beer at a beach to sitting in front of my PC playing games while eating two pizzas.

7. What’s your favourite country to visit?

Japan! I’m a huge fan of the culture and the peculiarities. My girlfriend and I are planning our summer holidays at the moment, and it’ll be either Japan or the US. Like our Student Teachers I really love to travel. Wanderlust is a real thing – and a German word you use in English all the time!

8. What’s the best gift you have ever received?

For Christmas my girlfriend once gave me a six-pack of Vietnamese and Cambodian beer and a map with an already planned trip to those countries on it. I love travelling, but I hate planning things like visas and which flight to take.

9. What advice would you give to some of our Student Teachers arriving in Austria?

Forget everything you learned in German class, the Austrian language is a completely different thing. Try to visit lots of places while you are in Austria – all the tourist favourites are beautiful and popular for a reason – Hallstatt, Vienna, Salzburg for example and then some smaller, more hidden places too for example Gmunden, the mountains around the Salzkammergut region.

10. What advice would you give to the students we work with in schools around Austria?

Try to speak English as often as possible! See it as an opportunity to communicate with people all over the world and not only as a subject in school.

11. Finally, you work with Native Speakers every day – have you picked up any fun new vocabulary you can share with us?

Due to the fact that I studied in Ireland for one semester and that some of my coworkers are Irish (North and South), I’ve noticed that I’ve started using “Grand” again at every possible moment.

28 March 2019