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What is the Global English Teaching (GET) Academy?

The Global English Teaching (GET) Academy is a world-class provider of initial teacher training for teachers of English as a foreign language (TEFL). We look to provide educational leadership in the field of English language teaching through our specially developed TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program. The organisation aims to change the face of English language teaching around the world by promoting a holistic approach to language teaching and learning based on the development of social and communicative competences in an immersive learning environment. Our TEFL/CertTESOL course leads the way in Initial Teacher Training for students of TEFL by putting theory into practice in real Austrian classrooms, while connecting English teachers with Austrian children through project-based cultural and linguistic exchange.

What do you do?

As a validated course provider for the Trinity College London CertTESOL, the Global English Teaching (GET) Academy will provide you with a quality teacher training experience which you will cherish for the rest of your life. The GET Academy will train you to become the best possible TEFL teacher you can be, while also giving you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young learners by promoting language learning, social skills, and cultural exchange between English-speakers and Austria. Every year we bring hundreds of native-level English-speakers, like you, into Austrian classrooms and ensure you leave as a qualified, experienced, employable, TEFL teacher who has impacted the lives of your students in Austria

What are you offering?

A unique opportunity! Our TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program is an intensive and rewarding teacher training experience like no other! Specially designed to place you in an authentic teaching environment in the Austrian public education sector, the program combines the academy’s TEFL-YL certificate and Trinity College London’s globally-recognised CertTESOL. Participants like you will complete these two qualifications simultaneously while teaching English directly to Austrian students in their school environment, gaining over 200+ hours of teaching experience.

How are you different from other courses?

To put it simply, you get more:
GET more qualifications: You will gain not one, but two qualifications the Trinity College London CertTESOL and the TEFL-YL.
GET more experience: You will gain 200+ hours of teaching experience (practicum) with real students.
GET more quality: You will be trained by the GET Academy’s Academic Team consisting of professional, highly experienced, highly qualified teachers, tasked with providing you with a quality teacher training experience.
GET more knowledge: You will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, experience and confidence required to be successful in the TEFL Industry.
GET more opportunity: You will get the opportunity to actually make a difference to the lives of young learners in Austria
GET more value: We are the winner of the GoOverseas Community Choice Awards 2018! Category of ‘Best Value’.

More on our program page

What is TEFL and what is a CertTESOL?

TEFL, TESOL, ESOL, EFL, ELT, CertTESOL; So many acronyms! What do they all mean? Follow the link below to gain some clarity on the wealth of acronyms that adorn the TEFL industry and work out exactly how our TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program fits in.


Where are you based?

In the heart of central Europe! The GET Academy is situated in the German-speaking country of Austria, bordering the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland.
The best thing about Austria is how close everything is, so close in fact that within minutes you can go from mountains to medieval lanes to the heart of the city. For those looking for diversity of landscape Austria is definitely for you. There is everything you need for a once in a lifetime experience, whether you want, excitement and adventure in the mountains, an exquisite dinner, concerts, or to dance your heart out at a nightclub, Austria will spoil you for choice. Whatever it is you’re looking for you can find it in Austria and once you’ve exhausted all of the possibilities, the beauty of being located in central Europe, is that you are never more than a short and inexpensive train journey across a border to discover even more new cultures.

More about Austria

When is the next course?

For information on all of our course dates, please go to our upcoming courses page

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the course is currently €1400* and includes the following:

  • Full tuition fees
  • Trinity College London moderation fees (including certificates)
  • Exam fees·
  • Over 200+ hours of teaching practice
  • 130 hours of face-to-face input sessions
  • 15 hours of observed and assessed teaching practice by qualified course tutors
  • Daily travel to and from accommodation to schools
  • Provision of teaching bag and materials
  • Full use of training centre facilities (WiFi, printer, photocopier, library etc.)
  • Welcome lunch
  • Graduation dinner
  • Daily tea/coffee
  • ECTS credits earned towards TEFL module for undergraduate course (*depending on the university and accreditation awarded at your home university)

The GET Academy organises accommodation for student teachers and offers it at a subsidised rate of €98 p/w. For more details about the accommodation and facilities, please go to our fees page.

Read more on our fees page

Why is the course so affordable?

Proud to be more than just a teacher training course, the GET Academy promotes language learning, social skills and cultural exchange between English speaking countries and Austria, so we actively engage in the community through our non-profit initiative ‘Hello English!’ We have a vision of transforming language teaching using student-centered, communicative language teaching methodologies and we have been lucky enough to continually receive support from those who share our vision. It’s no secret that a course like ours would normally cost applicants, around €2000! However, with applicants having to support themselves financially for the duration of the program, we want our experience to also be available to applicants who may struggle financially, and therefore we always try to use the support we receive from our members to reduce the cost of the course for you!

How can I apply?

Applying could not be easier, simply complete the online application form and on our website and someone from our Admissions Team will be in contact with you.

What are the minimum entry requirements?

Applicants must be 18+ years of age to apply.
No formal training or experience is required to apply.
Applicants must be able to speak English to a native level.
Applicants must hold qualifications which would allow them entry into higher education in their home countries (for example, A-levels for UK residents, Leaving Certificate for Irish citizens and so on).
It’s that simple!

All details on our entry requirements page

What if I am a non-native English speaker?

Our organisation aims to connect native-English speakers with Austrian students for the purpose of cultural and linguistic exchange. The Trinity CertTESOL component of the program also requires applicants to possess a sufficient level of English. We therefore require that you are able to demonstrate a native-level of English. For non-native English speakers, this means a C2 level on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 8.5 or above.

What is the application process?

A summary of the admissions procedure is given below, you are required to:

  • submit an initial application form
  • take part in a preliminary interview
  • complete a pre-academic interview task
  • take part in an academic interview, and
  • complete a written task.
    The length of the process is normally dependent on your availability for interview (all interviews are conducted via Skype or Google hangouts). On average applicants take around 2 to 3 weeks to fully complete the application process. This includes completing all interviews, interview tasks and a final decision being made. Additionally, subsequent to being accepted you will be required to provide some requested documentation prior to the course start date, this can also take some time for applicants to compile.
    Further details of these stages can be found here:

All details on our application procedure page

When is the closing date for applications?

We try to ensure every applicant who successfully completes the application process is afforded the opportunity to attend the course at some point, so we do have a waiting list as we operate on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis and as a result we recommend you begin the application process as soon as possible! If you are not able to complete the application process and provide the required documents prior to the course start date of the upcoming course we will reserve a place for you on the next available course. However you will be subject to any changes to the program applicable for the specified course.
Please check this link for the current course dates and application deadlines.

More about course dates

Will you help me with my accommodation?

Yes! We at the GET Academy organise student teacher dormitories/accommodations. Accommodation costs €98; bedding, duvets and pillows are provided and the rent is all inclusive i.e. there are no hidden costs for amenities (gas, water, electricity, internet, etc.). Our dormitories are equipped with study zones, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms and our welfare team is always on hand to ensure a comfortable living environment for you as you become a certified English teacher.
More about accommodation

Where is the accommodation located?

The GET Academy has accommodations located across Austria, from the quaint town of Vorchdorf to the bustling city of Vienna, our accommodations are located close to our Campus buildings. Due to the nature of the program, you will get the opportunity to travel across Austria and we will provide accommodation if you are away from your primary location in Vienna.

Please note: We require all successful applicants to attend our Orientation day at the Vorchdorf Campus on the first day of the program which is in the district of Gmunden in Upper Austria. Unfortunately, the Academy cannot house participants until the first day of the program. Course participants arriving before the program start date will be required to organise their own accommodation until the course start date.

Can I arrange my own accommodation?

Alternative accommodation is not recommended. The reason for this is, all travel to and from schools is provided, for the duration of the course however this travel only covers travel from the student teacher accommodations to the school; this means participants are not able to be picked up from alternative accommodations. We work in conjunction with the Austrian Ministry of Education which enables our participants to have direct access to learners in the Austrian public education system. However as a result of this relationship we have to abide by certain rules, which may prevent us from having access to any particular school location at any time. In order to enable participants to successfully complete the minimum number of teaching practice hours, we work with different schools across Austria and therefore move participants to different parts of the country dependent on where we have access to classrooms at any given time.

Subsequent to teaching practice, participants are then required to develop their theoretical knowledge of language teaching and learning, in what we call input sessions, workshops or feedback sessions with senior teachers, course tutors and other applicants at one of our campus locations. As a result, in extreme examples the travel associated with the program can sometimes be in excess of a 90 minute journey. We hope to minimise these occurrences, but they may be unavoidable at times and therefore we look to address the issues associated with this kind of situation by providing travel and support with accommodation. Additionally, we cannot ensure participants will be based in one particular location for the full duration of the program. Participants who do not utilise our accommodation would face additional travel costs, which we would be unable to cover, and might make it difficult for student teachers to successfully complete the program and therefore alternative accommodation is not recommended.

Do I need a visa to participate?

An Austrian National Visa Category D will be required to participate in this course, should you not hold citizenship from a European Union (EU) member country. Apart from in exceptional circumstances, you must be in possession of this visa before arriving in Austria to begin the course.
The Global English Teaching Academy does not provide visas for participation on this course! We can provide some assistance if needed for non-EU citizens to obtain a Student Visa depending on their country of origin, however we cannot book visa appointments or cover any costs incurred during the visa application process.

While a Student Visa is not required to participate in the course, it is the responsibility of each individual to ensure they enter Austria legally and are able to participate for the full duration of the course.

If you are unsure of your status or ability to participate, we strongly recommend contacting your local Austrian Representation to discuss your situation. If you are unsure of the Austrian Representation near you, you can use the search provided in the link below:

Austrian representations on bmeia.gv.at or
our visa page.

What will I learn on the program?

The program aims to provide you with a strong set of practical teaching skills to aid in the sound application of contemporary language teaching methodologies. The approach to English language learning emphasised on the program draws on a range of approaches and methodologies considered to constitute best practice in contemporary language learning and teaching, especially for primary and secondary learners. This includes Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and Task-based Learning (TBL) within a communicative language teaching (CLT) framework. The vocational nature of the program means that there is a strong focus on practical classroom experience. The program focuses on putting theory into practice during teaching practice sessions at Austrian state schools alongside developing theoretical knowledge of language teaching and learning from teacher training sessions at our campuses. By combining aspects of several established and respected approaches, the program aims to train you to be adaptive to the contextual needs of the learners, the schools, national curriculums, and the practices of learners’ main class teachers, thereby complementing the learning, learners have already experienced. Successful completion of the program will not only equip you with the skills and certifications to work in the TEFL industry, but also instill the confidence and authority to be successful TEFL practitioners across a variety of fields.
See here for the program syllabus:

What will my day look like?

The program is a full time intensive experience, most mornings will be spent at schools engaging in teaching practice. With a heavy focus on practical teaching experience, you will spend the majority of your time delivering lessons, being observed and observing others. The program aims to equip you with the skills to manage real world teaching environments, providing you with the experience of what it is really like teaching up to six lessons a day with real students. Afternoons are then primarily designed to provide you with the additional support needed to become an excellent teacher. This involves taking part in face-to-face teacher training workshops and seminars with senior teachers, course tutors and peers on the course.

What qualifications will I receive?

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive not one, but two qualifications the TEFL-YL certificate and Trinity College London’s CertTESOL which is the globally-recognised accredited professional qualification awarded by Trinity College London. This means upon completion, you will be certified to teach English not just in Austria but around the world. In addition you will gain over 200+ hours of teaching experience having taught in real classrooms with real students and as a result you will already be a step ahead of the rest, upon completion of the course.

Will I be qualified to teach adults as well as children?

Yes! While the majority of teaching practice takes place in Austrian schools with young learners, the skills and knowledge acquired during the program are transferable to a range of learning environments. When you successfully complete the program and are awarded the Trinity CertTESOL, you will also be qualified to teach adults as well as young learners.

How will I be assessed?

Applicants are assessed in a number of different ways, for specific information on assignments, teaching practice requirements and assessment criteria, please see theProgram Syllabus.
Please note: applicants must receive a ‘pass’ grade on all aspects of the TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program in order to graduate.

Will you help me find a job?

During participation GET Academy’s TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) Program, you are given assistance in finding employment upon completion of the course. The support provides participation in CV writing workshops, interview preparation, job searches, letters of reference and even letters of recommendation. Our Academic Team will do their best to help you find employment, and sometimes this results in some participants having secured an employment offer even before they have completed the course! There is also the opportunity for student teachers of the GET Academy to work with us on graduation.

How do I avail of the scholarship?

The scholarship is open to anyone who wants to apply for it. There is one scholarship available per course and is awarded based on a written essay that is submitted to the Admissions Team, after the academic interview. It is a 500 word essay, based on 4 titles that you can choose to write about. What we are looking for, in the scholarship application essay, is for some insight into why you are choosing to become an EFL teacher, what interests you about language teaching, what is your perception of what a teacher should be and any prior knowledge of ELT and EFL that you may have. To see the essay titles and more information please click here: Scholarship: