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What makes our Job Assistance Program effective is that we know what employers of TEFL teachers are looking for in an EFL Teacher

Job Assistance Program

We understand finding a job can be hard, especially when you have no one to support you, so we’ve specifically designed our Job Assistance Program to support you in your job search once you’ve become a certified (TEFL/TESOL) teacher. Our Academic Team will assist you in navigating the TEFL industry’s job market – from participation in CV writing workshops to interview preparation, job searches to references and even letters of recommendation. We will make sure that you find a TEFL post that suits your preferences.

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The Global English Teaching Academy doesn’t just have a history of training teachers, we also have a history of employing them. What makes our Job Assistance Program effective is, we know what employers of TEFL teachers are looking for in an English as a Second Language Teacher. Completion of our TEFL (Trinity CertTESOL) program will ensure that, as a TEFL certified, EFL teacher you meet the requirements of employers, and our Job Assistance Program will help you connect with them and show them why they should employ you.

From the perspective of an employer finding someone who has a certificate in TEFL is not hard, many people choose to complete their TEFL certificate online or are able to teach english online, but the skills required to become a successful teacher in a classroom are hard to demonstrate from online experience. Employers are aware of this and this is why completion of our TEFL/TESOL course and availing of our Job Assistance Program will enable you to demonstrate the things employers are looking for; from how you have motivated students and helped them enjoy the process of language learning to how you have been able to adapt and develop in the context of your teaching.

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Successfully finding employment means more than having a TEFL certificate and a good grasp of how English works, you have to really know what you are talking about. Submitting a lesson plan can be made simple but do you understand why you planned the lesson the way you did? Can you demonstrate your commitment and reliability? Do you know how to show why your application beats the competition? Completion of our TEFL/TESOL course and availing of our Job Assistance Program will ensure you will always be near the front of the line for jobs, maximising the chances of getting the TEFL job you really want.

After obtaining your TESOL certification opportunities around the globe will open up for you. You might decide you want to teach English in sunny Spain, or applying to work as a native speaker in a Korean high school Perhaps adventure to the land of the pyramids and join the British Council in Egypt, or head off to Mexico and feast on some of the best food in the world (as well as do a little bit of teaching). If it’s flexibility you want, the world of English teaching is always on the lookout for more teachers. Our Job Assistance Program will help you discover the world of TEFL and all the possibilities that will open up to you.

As your experience and qualifications expand, you might decide to take on the challenge of teaching English for Academic Purposes to Chinese university students in Shanghai, or follow the corporate road to the Arabian Gulf. You could even hold out for a job working in the Maldives, staying in a 5 star resort, teaching the staff English for Tourism. However the exotic world of TEFL isn’t limited to countries where the first language is not English, there are still thousands of jobs for TEFL teachers in native English speaking countries. Why not teach English for Business in Canada, run summer camps in Ireland, work with asylum seekers in the UK, or even a language (and barbeque) school on a beautiful Australian beach? The possibilities are endless so apply today and discover more than the world of TEFL, discover the Global English Teaching Academy.