Glossary of Terms

What does ‘200+ hours teaching experience’ mean?

This is the amount of time you will spend actually teaching English to students at Austrian schools. During this time you will be acting as the main class teacher and be supported by our professional and highly experienced Senior Teachers.

What does ‘certified TESOL/TEFL teacher’ mean?

This means that as a holder of an initial TESOL/TEFL qualification (such as the Trinity CertTESOL), you will be certified to take up a position as a paid EFL teacher.

What does ‘authentic’ mean?

When we say authentic, we mean real students, real classrooms and a real teaching/learning environment. Student teachers on our program complete all of their teaching placement in Austrian primary, middle and secondary schools.

What does ‘face-to-face training’ mean?

Face-to-face training is a mode of delivery that happens in real classrooms (not virtual classrooms), in person. Our program includes 130-hours of face-to-face training, which means you will take part in a range of teacher training seminars and workshops with our professional, highly experienced, and highly qualified academic team.

What does ‘native-level’ mean?

When we say native-level, we mean that you should possess the grammatical, lexical and phonological skills that someone who has grown up with English as their mother tongue would have. This means that you do not have to be a native English speaker as such, but you might have acquired native-level proficiency in English through attending an international school, living in a native English speaking country for a number of years as a child or teenager, or grown up bilingual with English as your second language.

What does ‘15 hours of assessed teaching practice’ mean?

While all your teaching hours take place under the supervision of our academic team, 15 hours of your teaching will be officially observed and assessed by our qualified Senior Teachers and Course Tutors This means that you will get written and verbal feedback on your teaching and work with your Senior Teachers and Course Tutors to ensure that you are becoming the greatest teacher you can be Feedback is personalised and designed to help you perfect your unique teaching style while making sure your classroom techniques and procedures follow industry-standard norms.