Summer camps

The English language training at GET Academy is simply fun! Speak English for a week, games, fun, English sports, friends, team building!

Our English teachers are native speakers. They open up an age-appropriate path to the English language for children and teenagers (from 8 to 14 years) – playfully & enthusiastically!

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Camp dates

General information can be found on the language week page. Is your desired group already full ? Call us or add your contact details to the waiting list. Click on a camp in the list to see the address and time of the event.

Group A
8–10 years
Group C
10–12 years
Group E
12–14 years

Play Games & Learn English

Globalization connects the world. And the common language that unites nations and people is English. It is important for children to develop a good command of English, as mastering the language opens many doors at home and abroad and is of particular importance for professional development.

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Whether at school or at home: most children do not move enough. Sport is important for physical and academic development! When the brain is “playing” and having fun, it records new information – such as a second language – better and is also much more effective at storing it. Our summer camps offer children and teenagers the opportunity to get active, improve their English skills and have fun at the same time.

I think, especially in the first real English learning years, so 5th and 6th grade, it makes sense to just talk and not always just cramming vocabulary and grammar and to apply the learned in practice times, that simply falls by the wayside in the classroom time. After this week, ”English” finally had a positive connotation.

– U. Brunner, Mother, Gmunden, OÖ

Get Active With English

Our project weeks offer the ideal environment to learn English in a lively, stimulating way and to gain confidence in your own language skills. Children and teenagers not only learn the language as such, but also get a feeling that English is more than just another school subject: it is the key to opening the world to themselves.

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English language week

Five days of fun action, games, language training, English sports, friends, team building! Our English teachers are native speakers. They open up an age-appropriate path to the English language for children and teenagers (from 8 to 14 years) – playfully & enthusiastically! We come to you, your city, your town or your hotel! Easter, summer and autumn vacations!

Our mission and motivation

We aim to inspire a love of being active through exercise, curiosity about new cultures, a strong interest in the English language and the ability and confidence to speak it well. The GET Academy is an Austrian company with locations in Vorchdorf (Upper Austria), Vienna and Graz. Our English holiday program is organized from these three locations.

Language – Games – Sport

We teach and mentor more than 14,000 students each year. With our English summer camps, we want to increase the variety of our holiday programs for children between the ages 8 to 14 – with the help of games, sports and language.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+43 7614 21499) or by email (

There is a solution for every weather.

Meet our team!

Our native speakers are experienced teachers and coaches. With a lot of love and enthusiasm they bring the children closer to the English language in a playful way. The native speakers come from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, South Africa, Australia and the USA.

As a qualification, we require our teachers to have at least a TEFL certification (Trinity College London CertTESOL)! In the interest of your children, we place special emphasis on international exchange with our pedagogically trained team, and they already look forward to the daily “Good morning!”

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Joanna Bingham
“Hi from Northern Ireland! What’s the craic?”
Tobias Wall
“Hey from rainy England”
Emmet Higgins
“Hello from the west coast of Ireland!”

Safety First!

We do everything we can to provide the children with the highest level of safety at all times during our vacation program, but also to instill in them a high level of safety awareness of their own.

In our English summer camps we care for more than 14,000 children per year. With the holiday program, we offer meaningful leisure activities and support through games, language and sports.

Congratulations and many thanks to James! For our son Andreas it was three wonderful, exciting days that he will not forget for a long time. Next year he would like to be there again. All in all a good thing, please keep it up!!! See you next year!

– I. Prielinger, Mother, Wartberg, OÖ

What your child will experience this week

  • Language games and activities (e.g. escape room)
  • Workshops on English culture
  • English theater & sketches
  • English & American sports
  • International cultural exchange
  • Final presentation (at summer camp)

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